Working from home was cool for a while, but those with bad Zoom backdrops or even worse, children, understand that it’s time to get back to it. Back to work, back to reality, back to whatever it was we used to do before this pandemic.

Here are a few predictions that we feel could be true in the next few months:

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great, but something that’s so important to emerging and fast-moving companies is their culture. They have worked hard to forge a culture and a set of values that embody their brand. Take Revolut the fintech powerhouse for example with their ‘Never Settle’ or ‘Get Shit Done’ mantras. Trying to attract talent and motivate employees remotely and virtually is not something that can work. So, we think we’ll see lots of companies rushing back to their office buildings, collaborating, giving hugs, checking each others work and challenging the norm. For sure, hygiene and specialist cleaning will still make a place safe, but handshakes and hugs will be back on-trend.

Is it just us or is everyone being really nice on video calls? How can you negotiate, interject or be confrontational when somebody is in front of their Ikea wardrobe, with a leg outstretched locking the door to make sure the kids don’t run it. We feel that the boardroom is still very relevant, it is needed for intelligent debate – sometimes constructive conflict and hand waving can be a good thing. So, when we get back to a face-to-face office environment we can be human again, show our emotions and let off a bit of steam when necessary.

So, that old journey to work seems like more of a PITA than before. We feel that our work-life balance will change forever. We have seen how working from home can be cool, but spending an hour traveling to a City hub and back seems like a complete waste of time and energy now.
We will see employees working from an HQ building some of the time, but also working from cowork spaces during the week and being much better at balancing their time and travel routines.

Our wellbeing and health has now become our number one priority. So, queuing at a 2-metre distance to get into the elevator or joining a 200m long queue for lunch doesn't really appeal to City workers. Avoid the queues and come cowork with us.

Be Well&Work
So, we’re so excited to open a premium coworking space in Oeiras where people can get back to it – with offices and fixed desks in an environment that helps you achieve more and be productive.

Get in touch for a tour, we’d love to show you around.

Premium wellbeing cowork and office space in Oeiras.
Professional serviced offices and fixed desks upstairs and private members lounge downstairs.

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  • Ben

    It's about time we get back to it. Nice article, thanks.