Work is not somewhere you go to, it's something you do. At least, we think it is.

So, that trip to a large head office building is now more questionable that it was before Covid-19. So, what is the future of office?

Ok, there is no right or wrong answer, but we would like to add our view into the mix, as coworking and office providers in Oeiras, Portugal.

Aside from the obvious issues such as hygiene, distancing, perspex screens and going to a public toilet - there are many more softer considerations.

A big reason for going to an office is BUZZ, isn't it?

Being in the thick of it, meeting deadlines, chatting, sparking ideas and colliding with likeminded people. Or that occasional cocktail after work.

However, with shift work and offices that are less dense with less people - what is going to happen to the cultural and creative benefits of going into an office.  Those Friday group lunches, show & tell sessions or mid-week beers - now seem like a distant memory.

For most companies getting and retaining talent was very high-up the agenda, so they forged cultures and working practices that would appeal to a new generation of people and promote teamwork and wellbeing. We saw job titles emerge like 'Head of talent', 'Head of workspace experience' and 'Head of people'. How are these guys going to survive if there is like no workspace experience and much less people?! If events and team building activities don't start until 2021 and beyond, we are going to see the cultural pillars of a company become fragmented and broken.

So, what's the alternative? Let 'Susan and Bob' continue to work from home on Zoom?

Our view is that Susan and Bob won't want to commute to London or Lisbon or any main City for the reasons given above. They also won't want to work in a 'satellite' office which are also sometimes hard to get to and uninspiring.

We feel that premium and well-run coworking environments - that are Covid-19 safe - are the best places to still get the creative and social juices flowing. Places and spaces that are big enough to house team meetings, calls and work together, but small enough to avoid the anxiety of commuting and Covid-19.

Furthermore, in terms of remaining flexible, we have seen many small companies looking to break their leases at business parks and tall office blocks in search of other options. On-demand spaces and flexibility have to be a strong option for businesses in this tricky time.

For more info, give us a shout and we can talk you through our cowokring and meeting spaces in Paço De Arcos, Oeiras.

And we'll see you for that Friday beer.

Premium wellbeing cowork and office space in Oeiras.
Professional serviced offices and fixed desks upstairs and private members lounge downstairs.

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