We just read that Lisbon will be hosting the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the Champions League, played as a single-match, straight knockout tournament between the eight qualifying clubs from 12-23 August in Lisbon.

Lisbon and surrounding areas may have been seen as a safe bet by UEFA - an  EU country that has contained COVID-19 and led a disciplined and intelligent approach to keeping us safe.

We are seeing more people getting back to work, albeit in a more flexible and on-demand way, but nevertheless getting the economy back on track. Lisbon and surrounding municipalities (Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra etc) has a pedigree of being a landing place and stomping ground for those in need, especially when the going gets tough.

For example, during World War II, Portugal was one of the very few neutral, open European Atlantic ports, a major gateway for refugees to the U.S. and a haven for spies.

So, how can we link spies to coworking? hmmm...we can't. That would be a bit silly.

But, we like to think that Lisbon and it's more tech-savvy brother Oeiras, is getting the economy back on track through flexible working and a safe approach to entering the office environment.

Many of our members have hit the ground running and are getting back to work - proving that the first global village perhaps may also be the leading the charge in which to get busy and productive post COVID-19.

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