In the new age of COVID-19, what options should you consider for employee workspaces?

Successful companies spend a lot of time and money creating cultures that allow them to attract and retain the finest talent and produce productive and effective teams. We have witnessed this especially in the tech sectors which are booming in Lisbon and Oeiras.

However, we are now having to rethink where these people actually work and if a company wishes to keep their employees, where should they be asking them to work?

Let’s look at the first option - continue to ask employees to travel to an HQ building. Ok, so this option may be the easiest option to implement, but the practicalities of safety, queuing for elevators, distancing etc mean that an HQ building has become less relevant than ever before. The issue is that these office buildings and offices in business parks are normally tied to a long lease and inflexible landlord relationships.

The second route is to further embrace home working - and carry on with virtual meetings in the hope of forging a working relationship digitally.  However, most of the professionals we meet are ready to start face-to-face conversations again, where they can pick up on body language and able to negotiate. So, is the Zoom meeting doomed? Certainly not. However, creative industries and the spark you get by bringing people together means that more and more people will be dropping their virtual rooms for physical bricks and mortar working environments.

The third option is to adopt smaller working environments, with less people, that are safer and more flexible. And that is where, we feel, coworking spaces fit in. A place where you can get fully serviced spaces, on short term agreements, with minimal risk. With the advantage also, of choosing coworking locations in clusters near to your key people.

Of course, the sensible and pragmatic approach is to offer employees and teams a mix of the above, by taking space on-demand to remain agile and flexible.

With our mix of office and cowork space, we have adapted to be ready for all types of businesses to react to this situation.

Come and check our space in Oeiras.

Premium wellbeing cowork and office space in Oeiras.
Professional serviced offices and fixed desks upstairs and private members lounge downstairs.

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