What made you join the Well&Work community?

I found that the longer I worked at home, the more restless I was becoming - no interaction with others, my partner and I getting under each others feet, no separation between my workday and my own time in the mornings and evenings, so work would seep into the evening time, with laptop open on my knee, TV on. I wanted to get back to more structure...leave home in the morning, go somewhere near and safe to work, return home in the evening and switch off.

What is your job and career background?

I work in marketing and brand management, and have worked in a similar field for 20years.

What plan did you sign-up for and why?

I signed up for the flexi desk monthly plan, just because I like to be able to sit in various locations - I can take an upright stool at the fish bar if I want to, or go and slouch on the sofa downstairs.

How do you boost your productivity at work?

Regular breaks, even if just to have a snack/coffee, walk to the beach. making sure you have proper food at lunchtime, preferably away from the desk, and doing a piece of exercise a day - either a HIT class, or even just a walk at lunchtime along the waterfront...

What do you like the most about Well&Work?

It's such a calm and relaxed environment, and the members do such a variety of things, its always interesting to know what they're doing, whilst having a coffee.

its location is great, so close to the beach for a mid-afternoon swim, and the train station, I can get from Monte Estoril and be in the office in 30mins. lots of supermarkets and restaurants for lunch, or after-work drinks and having some wellness classes included in the membership is so great, it makes you try things you may not have done before - stand up paddle, surfing...and you also get to meet other people.

What is your view on the future of the workplace?

Smaller, well-connected offices (i.e. super fast wifi), boutique-style, more in local areas rather than in city centers - the days of big faceless offices, and even big faceless co-work offices like wework, should hopefully be over.

Premium wellbeing cowork and office space in Oeiras.
Professional serviced offices and fixed desks upstairs and private members lounge downstairs.

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