We previously wrote about employers allowing their employees to either work from home, the HQ office or from a coworking space.

We commented that the pragmatic approach is to let employees choose to work where they feel productive and safe – whilst letting their employers have flexibility on lease terms and mitigate risk.

Since then, we have seen a handful of large corporates go a step further. Take the tech behemoth Siemens for example, who recently announced that their staff can work from anywhere – not just during COVID-19 – but permanently!

This decision is such a positive step forward for the future of the workplace – where work is something that you do – NOT somewhere you go to.

So, is this a trend that will start to spread in Cities and tech regions – even closer to home in places like Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais?

We liked what CB Insights wrote recently about the future of office work:

A daily commute and 9-to-5 office culture have always seemed a bit insane. 

Why is it a good idea for seemingly everyone to get in their cars and on the highways, or onto trains/buses, to get to their workplace, and to all do so at the same time? And then do it again 8 or 9 hours later? 

That said, the idea that no one will use an office in the future post-Covid is also overblown. We are social animals, we learn from each others’ physical cues and gestures, and the best collaboration tool ever invented is probably a face-to-face conversation. 

To stay ahead of the curve, companies will need to consider key investments across wellness, remote collaboration tools, mobile cybersecurity tech, accessible HR tools, and workforce training programs for professional development and upskilling.

While corporate tenants and building management may have different policies, having the proper tools and procedures in place to screen employees and visitors will be crucial to policy enforcement.’

Experience Local Neighbourhood Coworking Near Where You Live

To conclude, we have been receiving lots of enquiries for smaller teams to take a private office space that is safe and offers wellbeing as part of the package. Note – we think we are still the only coworking brand to offer wellbeing sessions like surf, yoga and SUP as part of the membership.

We also have our contactless check-in software in place and specialist cleaning measures.

We welcome you to come and experience our spaces. Be well.

Premium wellbeing cowork and office space in Oeiras.
Professional serviced offices and fixed desks upstairs and private members lounge downstairs.

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