Hi!👋My name is Paul, but most people call me Pauly.🙂I am originally from the UK but currently located in Lisbon, Portugal.

For a long time in my life, I felt lost!
I went travelling around the world searching for happiness, looking for a destination that felt like home, but I couldn’t find it! Everywhere I went I would stay for about 3 months and then move on because I wasn’t happy.

I started to realise there was only one consistency with every destination I went. It was me. I was looking for external happiness but the problem was I was not happy with myself.
My mum who happens to be a Reiki Master suggested I observe her teacher and guide.
This experience was so profound that it made me reconnect back to myself.

As I left the session, I turned my phone back on and the first notification I received was from a quote app and it said:


At the time I didn’t know what it meant but all I can say is that it kick started my journey of self-healing and personal development which has completely changed my life.

I have been on a huge learning curve over the last 6 years or so.

When the opportunity showed up, I decided to try SOMA Breath and after my first session I was hooked!

It has allowed me to go into an Ayahuasca state and process my limiting beliefs and reframe the way I looked at them.
▶️SOMA Breath has been an important tool that has really allowed me to go within and reconnect with my true self, to love who I am and to discover what it is that I really want in my life.

♥️My mission in life now is to assist others through the journey I have personally been through. I guide others to reconnect with themselves so they can heal themselves from past experiences and learn to love themselves for who they are.

🤗Learning to love me and heal was life-changing for me and I am so grateful for the experiences in my life. It has led me to this moment and now I feel blessed to help others in their personal journeys.”

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