COVID-19 | Read our guidelines for a safe return to your workspace

Our spaces are carefully curated to ensure that you feel good and safe - including air quality, capacity control, safe distancing, biodiversity, green walls and use of natural plants and materials.

We have put additional measures in place in line with the current pandemic.

We will continue to issue updates following any upgraded guidance or changes to our COVID-19 policy. We will continue to communicate with our members via email as required.


We ask all our members and guests to use hand sanitiser on arrival and throughout the space. Masks compulsory while doing our tours and while using our communal areas.

Please use our contactless check in on arrival via our App or QR code. This is something we ask all members and guests to do.

All tours will be pre-booked via our bespoke system which allows us to record all guests email address. This is particularly useful in case we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 to reach out to anyone who might have been in contact with the infected person.

Given the current guidelines and to respect safe distancing we are operating at 50% of our capacity. We have also included plexi screens in some of our shared areas.

We ask all our members and guests to use hand sanitiser before using the coffee machine, shared amenities and consumables.

Our space is entirely cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and touch points disinfected throughout the day.

We have improved the space’s air quality with our HVAC air system which increases our fresh air intake and restricts the re-circulation of air within our space.

We have added two Zoom rooms to help with all those virtual meetings.

We have bike storage available for members to use and we encourage cycling whenever possible.


We have resumed our events but capped the number of attendees to 10 people per session as per current guidelines.

All our wellbeing sessions currently take place outdoors and only cater for small groups. We will be adding additional wellbeing sessions if needed to keep in line with the current guidelines and to allow all our members to take part.


Any member who has recently returned from abroad must follow all government guidelines before re-entering our space.

We are asking all members to report to us if they have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms so that we can include this information in our monitoring and reporting. In line with GDPR regulations, this data will be stored securely and will be destroyed as soon as it becomes unnecessary for us to keep hold of it. We will of course respect your right to anonymity in this regard and any potential COVID-19 case will not be identified by name.

We hope it goes without saying that any member who is aware they have COVID-19 symptoms or has been in close contact (for example, in the same household) with someone who is displaying symptoms should self-isolate in line with the current guidelines, and not return to our space until they have completed this period of isolation.

There is a clinic a few doorsteps from our building that tests for COVID-19 so please get in touch with them should you wish to be tested.

Clara Saude


If anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (someone who has tested positive) has recently been in our building, we will communicate with all members in the building via email and we will also contact guests who might have been in contact with the infected person. For those reasons, it is key that everyone checks-in on arrival and for guests to leave us their email address.

We will identify people with whom the infected person has been in close contact with so that they can self-isolate. We will then organise for our entire space to be deep cleaned before we welcome our members and guests again.

If we need to close part of or the whole building for cleaning, we will communicate with our members via email. Where possible our team will visit you personally.