• Could you share a little bit of yourself? (Where are you from, what do you do?)
I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and followed my heart to Lisbon, Portugal to be with and marry my (now) husband. I work full time for a digital marketing agency, but I also run a Stress Management and Anxiety Coaching business on the side, which is my heart's work! My goal is to build and grow the coaching business over the next five years. You can follow me on my journey here: https://www.instagram.com/sammyguinness/

  • What brought you to Well&Work?
My whole life is online. My full-time job, my business. I really needed to get out of the house and be with people. I don't live in the city like most expats, so at first it was hard to find a place. But then we found Well&Work which is close to my husband's offices and the concept of Wellness with Working just spoke to me so much! Plus it's so close to the beach, so after work sunset walks are a must!

  • What package do you have with us? And what made you decide that one?At the moment, I am doing the 5-day pass spread out over a month. It fits into my budget and allows me to get out of the home office once a week, which has been a real game changer!

  • What should people know about Well&Work when they are considering a cowork space?
It's like a family. Everyone is so friendly and to be able to socialise with like-minded people in different fields is a great way of networking. I also like that a large number of the members are Portuguese, which means I can practice the language more. Most coworking spaces only have expats and tourists, but here at Well&Work it feels more authentically Portuguese, which I love! 

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