• Could you share a little bit of yourselves? (Where are you from, what do you do?)
Mathieu Le Sourd, also known as Maotik, is a French digital artist that focuses on immersive experiences, interactive installations and audiovisual performances.

  • What brought you to Well&Work?
The location at first. We wanted to be in a more quiet area, and the location 5min to the beach is just perfect. Also, we visited other co-working spaces but always felt they were to business oriented and not people oriented. At well & work we felt more aligned and very welcomed.  

  • What package do you have with us? And what made you decide that one?
We have the Feel Room Office. Price & services were fair and in our budget :)

  • What should people know about Well&Work when they are considering a cowork space?
Location, activities and quietness. For us it is super important that the space is not overcrowded and noisy.  

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